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Prljavo Kazalište tour finale lit by Robe

Prljavo Kazalište tour finale lit by Robe
Prljavo Kazalište tour finale lit by Robe

Croatian rock band Prljavo Kazalište ended their 40th anniversary tour with a stadium concert at the Kranjceviceva football stadium in the heart of capital city Zagreb. Lighting designer Sven Kučinić from LumiLas LLC specified over 120 Robe moving lights, provided, together with the other lighting production, by Croatian rental company Eldra.


The band had one major wish for the finale concert, Sven Kučinić explains, and that was a video concept with massive columns of LED surrounding the stage and continuing into the roof space and extending around the sides of the stage structure. Apart from that, the staging and rigging imagineering was left to Kučinić, who has worked with the band for seven years and toured the world several times over.


Kučinić in collaboration with the band was also the set designer, and he also undertook much of the general production work. One of his visual objectives was to ensure there was a mix of video and lighting, so the 56 x Robe Pointes were all hung on T-shaped trusses which formed the main set elements in front the large LED columns.


The 30 x MMX WashBeams were used as the main front and side lights, and the 36 x LEDWash 600+s were the primary back lights, rigged on six vertical trusses positioned in between the big LED columns. “The Pointes were the main and in fact the only effects lights in the show,” Kučinić says.


He chose the MMX WashBeams - a personal favourite - for front key lighting which was crucial as the show was recorded in 4K for future broadcast and DVD. The show featured a rig of around 500 fixtures plus 600 square metres of LED screen. The setup of the roof construction was completed by Eldra to Kučinić’s design specifications.


Kučinić programmes and operates all his own shows and used GrandMA2 platform, and he pre-vizzed the show in WYSIWYG. The band’s sound engineer is Davor Smotalic. VJ Ivan Marusic took care of the payback visuals, and the camera and TV recording director was Davor Levicki. The Zagreb stadium show also featured a 10-unit laser show produced by LumiLas LLC’s Juraj Stipetic and Robert Kirsa.


(Photos: LumiLas LLC)





Prljavo Kazalište tour finale lit by RobePrljavo Kazalište tour finale lit by Robe

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