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MSI chooses Elation Artiste Picasso for conference event

MSI chooses Elation Artiste Picasso for conference event

Lighting designer Leonard Delgado and the team at Meeting Services, Inc. (MSI) were looking to move away from conventional fixtures on a large user conference event and found their new light in Elation Professional’s Artiste Picasso LED moving head.


“We’d been trying to find a fixture that would cover a 96-foot wide stage evenly and had our eye on the Artiste Picasso,” Delgado explains. “We bench-tested a lot of lights that were similar to it with side-by-side shootouts and the Picasso outperformed them.”


MSI’s client was very particular about the look of the show, says Delgado, especially the look directly at the stage. “They like a real clean look and want no lighting from the back so that was a challenge. I had to come in from the high sides at a sharp angle and those lights are particular because they catch the side of the face.”


The designer says that in past user conferences the shot was usually done with a 10-degree Leko shooting from about 110 feet away but for this year’s user conference all the Lekos were replaced with Artiste Picasso fixtures. Delgado replaced all the Fresnels as well.


On a staircase special the designer highlighted award winners by zooming the Picasso all the way out. Two high side Picassos would swing into position with one center-positioned fixture shooting down onto the staircase.


The 23,000 lumen Artiste Picasso houses a 620 W cool white LED engine and advanced optical system. A total of 24 units were employed on the user conference, which, Delgado says, was a reduction in the number of lighting fixtures used compared to previous user conferences. Sixteen fixtures were spread along a long truss positioned over the audience with three units each on a side truss and one unit each on side finger trusses positioned over the audience.


Delgado also helped design the rigging and projection for the user conference and drove one of the semi-trucks to the show when a driver was needed. Once there, he served as lighting board operator for the event, which was driven by two M-Series M1 lighting consoles networked together running nine universes through optical fiber. Lighting assistants were Christian Rufus and Ben Shaw.





MSI chooses Elation Artiste Picasso for conference eventMSI chooses Elation Artiste Picasso for conference event

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