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CSK performance space chooses Robe

CSK performance space chooses Robe
CSK performance space chooses Robe

Centrum Spotkania Kultur (Centre for the Meeting of Cultures), ‘CSK’ for short, in the heart of Lublin, Poland’s ninth largest city, is an arts, performance and culture venue opened in 2016. Its main auditorium is now the second largest stage in Poland. There is also a chamber space and a cinema hall.


CSK has 70 x Robe luminaires in the main stage space - a combination of LEDWash 800s, BMFL Spots, Pointes and ParFect 100s - which were specified by CSK’s head of technical, Bart Pyczek. The main auditorium seats near to 1000 people and is the second biggest stage in Poland, with a 54 metre depth, 15 metres of width and a lofty 26 metres headroom and some complex moving stage machinery.


The vast majority of shows at CSK utilise the in-house lighting systems, and sometimes they have to sub-hire extras. Around 50 % of the shows - the main stage has between 12 and 16 per month on average - will be lit by the house lighting designers, with the rest bringing their own lighting designers.


CSK works with the Grand Theatre and The National Opera of Poland, and a raft of international LDs which have recently included Marc Heinz who lit the opera “Die Tote Stadt” using the Robe rig. CSK’s stage machinery system was supplied by Czech company EST Stage Technologies, lighting control is a GrandMA and they have a 52 bar/bridge house winch system to take care of all the main stage flying.


(Photos: Dorota Bielak)





CSK performance space chooses RobeCSK performance space chooses Robe

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