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Arkaos controls media installation at Zaventem Airport

Arkaos controls media installation at Zaventem Airport
Arkaos controls media installation at Zaventem Airport

Arkaos continues to expand its work and partnerships in the ‘architainment’, architectural and commercial creative media installation sectors on a recent project in the International Terminal at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport.


This is a collaboration with lighting and visual designer Koert Vermeulen of creative agency ACTLD. Arkaos’s Kling-Net control protocol and Kling-Force LED interfaces have been harnessed to bring dynamic control to a 30,000 pixel video and kinetic sculpture which runs above the main travellator leading from the jetway to the baggage reclaim hall.


ACTLD was commissioned by Toerisme Vlaanderen (Flanders Tourism) to design, specify and supervise the production. For the installation, integrators Create won a public tender to deliver the project based on ACTLD’s specifications.


The animated installation is 100 metres long and a combination of low and medium resolution LED strips and panoramic video panels in the ceiling, fitted above a special kinetic fabric. A loop of content runs on the display 24-7, giving all passengers arriving into the main International Terminal ideas and a glimpse of what they can expect and do in the region as they walk through to get their bags.


Literal content appearing on the main video panel displays is processed into more abstract animations running through the length of the installation, retaining the same colour, tonality and continuity as people pass along the travellator. The Arkaos solution utilises Kling-Net running via the Kling-Force LED interfaces. This is the first time that ACTLD has utilised Kling-Net in a permanent installation.


The project was managed for Arkaos by the Brussels based company’s operations manager, Benjamin Bauwens. The LED strips and panels were manufactured to order for by Lucenti, another Belgian company, with the Kling-Net chips supplied by Arkaos and embedded in the strips.


The video server was supplied by Create and is running Arkaos’ MediaMaster 5 software. Eight Kling-Force LED devices drive this particular installation which communicate with MediaMaster 5 via Kling-Net, so the whole surface is one large mapped canvas running the content on a loop.


There is a specific pattern to the way the strips and panels are arranged, and the whole installation can be viewed from up to 200 meters away. The timing of the video loop is optimised for the average ‘business pace’ walk down the travellator.






Arkaos controls media installation at Zaventem AirportArkaos controls media installation at Zaventem Airport

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